Big weekend news cycle!

• Gloves come off : Obama rips into elderly, out-of-touch, techno-illiterate, regressive John McCain
• Intelligence officer claims CIA was complicit in torture in Uzbekistan
• Report: White House pushing 'secret deal' to ‘keep Iraq under U.S. control'
• McCain's Jim Crow strategy: the GOP is working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in several states
• Must-see TV: Bill Moyers examines the American hate radio phenomenon
• Palin Hired Friends And Hit Critics While in Office
• AQ Khan's Nuclear Ring Was More Advanced Than Thought, U.N. Says; Parts May Still Be Active

• The Boston Globe reports that Alaska governor Sarah Palin never went to Iraq
• Opponents of Gov. Sarah Palin's policies are being threatened.
• New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role in Charging Rape Victims for Exams
• What Did the TrooperGate Investigator Mean When He Said “Financial Incentive”?

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