• Obama, Biden bite back at pit bull
• Palin billed state for spending Thanksgiving at college basketball game, husband's sled race
• New Obama Ad Directly Accuses McCain And Palin of "Lying"
• Governor Palin hiding husband's correspondence related to trooper union; 1100 'secret' e-mails
• Sarah Palin Troopergate: Republicans Fail to Unseat Democrat Overseeing Investigation
• Obama questions GOP 'change': "You remember that? for it before you were against it?… the American people aren't stupid."
• New book: McCain lying about motivation for going after Abramoff, concealed e-mails implicating lobbyists toed to McCain
• Fruits of Failure in the War Against a Real Terrorist: Bush successor likely to inherit bin Laden hunt
• AP: Bush to Maintain Current Troop Levels in Iraq Through 2008
• Alleged Abramoff Accomplice Kevin Ring Indicted

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