Headlines, Plus Your Palin Update

• Republicans press ahead with a baffling convention
• Alberto Gonzales broke law, made some of nation's sensitive documents more accessible to our enemies
• Cheap shot: George Bush Jr. equates so-called ‘angry Left' with North Vietnamese torturers
• New Justice Department Inspecter General Report Contains Evidence of Gonzales Perjury

• Could Sarah Palin become the first running mate since Thomas Eagleton in 1972 to be dropped from a major-party ticket?
• Bombshell: "Serious" but shallow Palin vetting took place only one day before official selection
• Stonewalled: Palin Investigation Stalled By McCain Campaign, State Legislator Says
• Palin Spokesman says Alaska Troopergate probe is a "witch hunt" — just like "Ken Starr"!
• Palin's newest ethics problem: personal attorney on Alaska state payroll
• Palin Took Contributions from Fundraising Scheme at Center of Ted Stevens Scandal
• Laura McGann on Sarah Palin: She's no reform candidate
• Obstruction: McCain tries to delay Troopergate report
• Why the pregnancy issue is NOT off limits
Us Weekly Set to Publish Critical, Unflattering Profile of Sarah Palin with Cover Story
• George Lakoff: to persuade Sarah Palin's fans to vote Obama/Biden, you have to understand how they think – and shift the playing board
• Palin lied about visiting Ireland as part of her foreign policy experience
Transparent Maverick Reformer VP pick clams up, lawyers up, and claims executive privilege
• Palin's Lobbyist Steven Silver Has Abramoff Ties
• There was no vetting of Palin: "I'm the first person who has asked her office for anything"
• Palin-heit 451: Wannabe book burner exposed

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