Sarah Palin Ruins the GOP’s “Pimp for Devastation Show” in the Twin Cities

Babs and cindy Go for Broke, Pimp Hurricane Foundations
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Jeff Koopersmith: Once again, the GOP feigns sensitivity – and, as always, fails in the grand manner.

September 2, 2008 – Geneva ( – It was difficult to tell whether First Lady Laura Bush and never-to-be first lady Cindy McCain were raising money at the RNC Convention to keep the off-shore oil rigs safe, or simply backing up the whirling whorehouse of New Orleans that has become a national disgrace for the Bush Administration and the Republican Party.

Whichever the case, the two women looked like poseurs pimping for hurricane relief agencies who had little or nothing to relieve. 

The media also made fools of themselves with four days of nightmarish predictions and interviews with “escapees” that spent their hard-earned dollars and wasted million of gallons of $4.00 gasoline to obey the New Orleans Mayor’s command that either they “get out of town or end up at the worlds filthiest and most dangerous prison – Angola."

It was obvious to those New Orleanians with computers that Hurricane Gustav was nothing but a windy rainstorm many hours before Gustav hit the Gulf Coast.  Radio and television networks in order to save face kept up the lying about the “killer storm” all through the day and night on Monday and continued to lie about it today.

Meanwhile, the city’s poorest and blackest, holed up in shelters and worse before the hurricane hit, were corralled and transported in trains and buses to who knows where.  People with their owb transportation ruined “them cars” as they stood in hours-long traffic trying to escape the death trap of Gustav.

Yet the entire time, idiots like John McCain were trying to capitalize on the so-called wonderful preparedness of the Bush Administration when the truth is obvious: had Gustav been a real hurricane, New Orleans would be worse off than it was after Hurricane Katrina.

The most hilarious event on television was some reporter digging newspaper out of the newly built dikes which had evidently been filled with old newspaper instead of the mandated polyfoam before the concrete was poured.

Yet the Republicans could hide behind “The Storm that Wasn’t” and they took full advantage of it.

For instance, Vice President Cheney got out of attending the boring neo-Nazi love-fest so he could stay home and practice shooting cars on Massachusetts Avenue.  The President went off to Austin, his old gubernatorial stomping grounds, to meet up with his galpals and “monitor the storm” while he sent his wife off to St. Paul to make a fool of her.

Or was it a something else?

Was it the realization that vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin would either be “outed” as having pretended to birth her last child, when in fact it belonged to her daughter, or that her daughter was to be “outed” along with her hockey-star boyfriend Levi Johnston as the proud parents of an upcoming baby themselves although neither is out of high school?  Sarah Palin told reporters that she and her husband (who must be a wonderful and patient guy) are pleased to be grandparents.

The Bible-beaters are cheering on young Bristol Palin for her heavenliness in choosing to keep the baby and, at least reportedly, marry the hunky hockey guy.

I must say I can’t feel even a tad of animosity toward Levi and Bristol.  After all , they did what all of did when we were young (except for Cindy and Laura) and nature took its course. There’s nothing wrong with that.  I also know of no member of the media that is attacking the two kids, or wishing them ill.

However, McCain’s feeble attempts to cover this up – knowing all along that Bristol was long ago preggers – is something to examine.  Has McCain lost his marbles?  Here he is touting Ms. Palin as a god-fearing saint who battles against corruption when she herself has just hired a lawyer to defend her against charges that she used her power inappropriately to try to punish her brother-in-law for allegedly tasing her nephew – who probably deserved it.

Yes, Alaska is a tough place, with tough young boys who are bored to tears from living there.  Not everyone likes to shoot bears, fish, and climb dangerous mountains – or haven’t you heard?

I must come to the conclusion that McCain and his gaggle of loud-mouthed and ill-educated staff people decided to shut down the Republican convention so as to push Ms. Palin – and himself – through the official nominating process as quickly as possible, thus avoiding the laughter and deserved derision from millions of Democrats and Republicans watching McCain, who remains best known as an ex-POW and a key member of a group of criminal conspirators called the Keating Five; and Palin, who is now being investigated by her own Attorney General for abuse of power and being defended at huge costs – paid by the taxpayers of Alaska!   Yet, she is protecting them?  Add to that to Palin’s outrageous lies about hooking for congressional “earmarks” on her several jaunts to Washington and what do you get?


Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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