Mark Slocum Nominates John McCain for the First “Congressional Shock Bracelet”

September 2, 2008 – Santa Barbara (HtNSF-Blog / – Mark Slocum has nominated John McCain as the legislator  most worthy of strapping on an EMD bracelet so that Americans can let him know just what they think of his words and actions. The comments that went along with the nomination were these:

Now that would be taxpayer money WELL spent!

  1. A good way for his constituents to keep him on a short leash.
  2. Can double as a defibrillator should he have a heart attack on the campaign trail.

Indeed. And it would be nice to see some competition for McCain as the most worthy of this honor.

Senator McCain's NeoCon faction, which has controlled the GOP in Arizona for years now went down to defeat a little over a year ago and the nomination comes just for time for the McCain coronation in Minneapolis. Since it is years since there was a reliably honest election in America I decline to call any of them by that term.

Obama supporters take note; they are all dishonest, with only enough exceptions to make you hope against hope. Obama is not that exception.

That said, I was delighted to see McCain receive this particular notice. Certainly McCain has earned the nomination; his every action horrifies any American who still holds on to a shred of perception of such things like what the Constitution was intended to do and the limitations of government. And, while all Americans would be better off if every Congresscritter strapped it on seeing the honor of the first nomination go to John McCain sent me into a slightly triste moment of distraction because, of all the politicians alive today, McCain in the one who once did me a good turn.

It was John McCain who chased John Fund under his desk at the Wall Street Journal in the immediate wake of Fund's outrageous rumor claiming that McCain has a black love child. That interesting snippet, recycled from the bland and mostly empty mind of John Fund and cronies, had first seen light of day in the early 90s when Fund used it to defame Bill Clinton. It was not personal in either case; planting political disinformation is John's job. John actually rather likes Bill. You can see that McCain has kissed and made up. John and other NeoCon Punkits (not a misspelling) are now seeking remunerative employment with what they hope will be another eight year run of profit for them and disaster for America.

During a dark period of my life that made me smile. I was disappointed that McCain could not find his trembling form to exact some retribution, but so it goes.

So, thanks to you, Mark Slocum, for this stellar nomination. The Board of advisers will get back to you on the results. Nominations are now open.

You can nominate the legislator of your choice for an EMD shock bracelet here.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster is a prominent activist in the freedom movement and a scholar whose focus during the last two decades – on markets and economics through the filter of politics and anthropology – has informed and influenced her social and political philosophy. She hosts “The Spiritual Politician” on BBS Radio. Her political blog is How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, and she is presently working on a book titled “Off the Grids.”

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