• Hurricane Bristol hits Minnesota

• Too Late for Damage Control? McCain Campaign Sends a Dozen Communications Operatives, Lawyers to Alaska
• ABC News Confirms That Sarah Palin Was Secessionist AIP Member
• Family values in action: Bible-thumping GOP Veep pick Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant and out of wedlock
• Palin Forced Staff to Resign in Loyalty Test
• John McCain's Campaign Completely Screwed Up the Vetting of Sarah Palin
• Palin Hires Lawyer for Trooper-Gate Investigation

• Al Qaeda Has Free Movement in Pakistan, Top Official Concedes
• Lawyers: Alberto Gonzales broke law by mishandling and bringing home classified antiterrorism documents
• Republican National Convention Opens: Cindy McCain, Laura Bush, Governors Have No Choice But to Focus on Gustav
• Police State: the federal government is directly involved in raids on peaceful RNC protesters in and around St. Paul

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