McCain Taps Sarah Palin

Mika Brzezinski broke the news at 10:38amEST (via Kelly O'Donnell) that McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP choice. NBC cut to a special report, with O'Donnell nearly being shouted down by anti-McCain protesters in the background. [More…]

McCain has most likely made the second-biggest mistake of his political career (having allowed himself to be joined at the hip to Charles Keating remains his unquestioned top blunder). He has selected a running mate who appeals solely to the rapidly shrinking GOP "base" of anti-choice, anti-tax, anti-regulation zealots. His campaign has overestimated the (non-) factor of the so-called "PUMAs": supposedly disaffected "Hillary Democrats" who have in fact rallied behind the party and Barack Obama. Top Republicans in Palin's home state – most notable Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young – are embroiled in corruption scandals, and they will impact on her image directly. She is a rookie governor without a lot of experience.

Bottom line: she is a hardcore conservative whose views and positions are out of touch with the mainstream of American values.

I can't wait for the VP debate.

UPDATE: Meow meets "Oh, snap!" Vanity Fair's high Zen master of snark, the inimitable James Wolcott, describes Palin as "sort of a Larry Kudlow in drag, and not in a good way."

MORE UPDATE: Markos chimes in.

Two years ago, Palin was part-time mayor of a village of 6,000. Today, she's supposedly ready to step in to run this country in the eventuality that Sen. McCentury can no longer perform those duties? Right. This was a sop to the Right, which was unwilling to accept a pro-choice Republican on the ticket, and a pathetic and hilariously desperate effort to grab the 17 holdout PUMAs (who are fake Democrats already willing to vote for McCain anyway).

YET MORE UPDATE: With a hat tip to the fine folks at TPM, we call your attention to the following political ad that has been purged from Palin's 2006 gubernatorial Web site, but lives on thanks to the Intertubes:

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