Bushy and Mushy

Jeff Koopersmith on George W. Bush, never a fair-weather friend even to murderers and thieves, and his BFF Pervez Musharraf.

August 22, 2008 – Lugano (apj.us) – It turns out the George DumbBellYou Bush is dumber and a better friend than I gave him credit for.  However, our mock magazine cover showing what Dick Cheney has in store for Perv Musharraf – if he ever gets his tourist visa – has been proven true.

According to Pakistani insiders and American diplo-spies  it was “W” himself who kept pleading with Condi Rice and the others inside the Fourth Reich to leave poor Perv alone!   It seems that Musharraf and Bush had more in common than meets the eye.  What or who that is, only time will tell.  Perhaps the truth will be placed in the Bush time capsule which no one will bother to read when it pops open in in 3025. My bet? We learn that Bush felt comfortable around a guy who would do just about anything to remain in power – including murdering his political opponents.

The Pakistani Newspaper “Dawn” claims that Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani came to Washington last month for the primary purpose of convincing our President to stop surreptitiously supporting Perv Musharraf who among other things, dismantled the Supreme Court of Pakistan, murdered thousands of innocents before and after taking the nation under “his wing” – most likely had Benazir Bhutto assassinated, and loaded up his accounts in the Cayman Islands with billions that Bush sent him to hunt down Osama Bin Laden.

Maybe they’re splitting the cash like Bush’s grandfather did with his Nazi buddies prior to and during world war II ?

Insiders say that Condi Rice and Dick Cheney had long ago “given up” on Musharraf – most likely after I visited Pakistan and reported back to you.  Yet Bush remained faithful to his old buddy ‘Mushy’ – and even the President’s closest allies couldn’t budge him.

Enter Anne Patterson, our U.S. Ambassadorette to Pakistan who had been supporting this Musharraf loon as well.  She too abandoned Musharraf because she was worried that keeping him around would cause a huge rise in Anti-Americanism in the region.

Is that possible?

Patterson, sneaky devil that she is, held clandestine meetings with the New Coalition leaders planning to impeach Musharraf and possibly execute him.  Most likely on President Bush’s behalf she appears to have begged them that Musharraf, if he went like a good cur with his tail between his legs, would not be harmed and that Pakistan would continue fighting Al Qaeda for us, and with us.

Even Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff made a secret visit to Pakistan last month to ease Musharraf’s  pain.

After much pressure on Congress from the Pakistani Ambassador, President Bush finally caved – as we knew he finally would.

The Pakistani Prime Minister brought a gaggle of experts to Washington DC with him to have lunch with Bush and convince him that Mushy “had to go.”  One wonders what Musharraf was doing while all these people were stabbing him in the back?

Get this!  Bush, in the end, said Okay, let’s get rid of him, but I don’t want him harmed!  Sort of like putting a pet dog to sleep.  Bush then went so far as to send our Ambassador back to the New Pakistani Coalition leaders to negotiate a harmless escape for the rat including no penalties, security no matter where Mushy ended up and more.  Bush also insisted that Britain and Saudi Arabia enter the fray to protect the “Generalissimo”.  Both of those nations sent top people to look after Musharraf in his last days.

Once Perv Musharraf received his “If found return to Tiffany’s” silver ankle bracelet, and was accorded all protections due a despot and murderer, Bush endorsed the deal to dump him.

And just this last Monday, the latest act of this slow-motion meltdown began as Perv threw in the towel in near-Nixon form, announcing that he would resign following his impeachment by the Pakistani legislature. This very afternoon, he gave his "farewell address" in which he, among other things, disingenuously took credit for preventing Pakistan from becoming a terrorist state (that is, if you ignore Pakistan's ISI intel cadre's buddy-buddy relationship with the Taliban for more than a decade) and establishing democracy (if you consider, say, a Bush-Jr.-type presidency "democracy").

Slick move there, Perv!

What a world.

I wonder how Imelda Marcos feels.  "If only Bush was around then to save Ferdi," I imagine.

I must admit I am torn here.  I admire Bush for standing by his buddy, but then again, that would be like admiring Goebbels for murdering his six young children and then himself and his wife from his love for Hitler.

Don’t say I didn’t warn Mushy, and you, in previous months and years:

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The bottom line: “Perv” pretended he would rather remain in his “beloved” Pakistan, but, in fact, he is frantically searching for a townhouse in either London or the United States where he can rewrite history and update his self-congratulatory memoirs, which might sell a few copies to the folks over at Comedy Central.

Poor Perv!  Just because he is a murdering, thieving, raping, double-edged sword swallower, it seems that no one – not a single person who wants to keep on living – supports him, save perhaps Bush and Cheney.  In fact, when the final touches on Mushy's impeachment papers were delivered to by the Provincial Assembly staffers just under a week ago and voted on on Monday, the sad truth is that the “generalissimo” had no choice but to quit – otherwise, it's likely he'd be shot if those articles of impeachment had ever gone to trial and he were found guilty – which I have no doubt would have been the outcome.

Perv Musharraf murdered Benezir Bhutto – and whatever one thinks about her, that was his most foolish and evil mistake.  Even if he did not pull the trigger, or directly contribute – everyone in Pakistan knows this mustachioed weasel was at the rear of her assassination, the cover ups that followed, and several thousand additional murders for which he will never be tried.

Forget about the fact that he and his buddies were selling nuclear secrets to anyone with a few million dollars.  Forget about the way he used and was used by our idiot Boy President, Bush Jr., and his moronic Secretary of State Condi Rice to sock away plenty more as his reward for allowing Al Qaeda to flourish inside Pakistan’s borders while killing them at the same time.  Forget about the billions he stole that was supposed to be used to stop Osama bin Laden.  My bet is that much of that money is sitting in a Cayman account stamped “Cheney,” a leech who has proved to America and the world that he will do anything for enough money. Google "Halliburton" for confirmation.

Yes, forget about all Musharraf’s sins but one. 

Indict him for murder – just one murder – Benezir Bhutto’s, because that murder was also the planned death of  the already shaky Pakistani democracy, the rule of law, and the value of the human soul.

Perv Musharraf is such a sick man that he, even today, is denying he will scamper from Pakistan even as his realtors search for a spider hole for him to occupy while others hunt him down – and they will, the victims of his atrocities – they will hunt him down and slit his throat – sure as shootin’ as my dear Molly Ivins used to say.

In the end Musharraf may not find a patch of dirt to flee to.  Who is going to take in a tyrant that is now a sworn target for murder by Al Qaeda and a thousand others for his turncoat ways.

Let's not forget he has been nearly assassinated twice already. Yet the putz still pretended to have authority right up to his farewell address, and I wouldn’t have put it past him to try to dissolve the government under one or another trumped up laws he ‘passed’ in his insane attempt to stay in power by any means necessary. But it's more likely that even that gambit was too dangerous.

Many experts don’t give Mushy a snowball’s chance in hell to get out of Pakistan alive if he inanely attempts to stay there – free of any charges, indictments, civil suits, or punishment of any kind.

If Pakistan’s intelligence services, who hold the archives to convict him, have also turned on him, then he has no leverage to force any further demands.

Remember that a week ago Musharraf was still telling the world that reports of his impending resignation were “baseless.”

The matter to focus on today is what will happen in Pakistan now that Musharraf out of power.

Mark my words: unless he slips out of the country quickly and quietly, his demise is a certainty.

Here in America, where we have no qualms about using and supporting vicious dictators as long as they do our bidding, Musharraf has now become a virus.  As usual, we ally ourselves with scum and then turn on them when they get “too hot”.  In this way, Musharraf is a casualty as well – a victim of Cheney, Bush and Condi Rice who are currently praying he’ll he gunned down before they have to deny his visa.

Or maybe Cheney will greet him with open arms  – and then take him bird hunting, wise-guy style?

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