Barack Obama Should Choose Hillary Clinton as His Running Mate

August 22, 2008 – Lugano ( – Barack Obama is going to goof on all the pundits and choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate after all.

If he doesn’t, then David Axelrod is an ass.

One need only glance at the latest CBS News-New York Times poll to see it.

Better yet, put a phone call into a real pollster – not Gallup – and ask them.

How does Clinton poll nationally against the candidates that Obama’s team is mentioning? How about 6 to 1 against his most likely choice and 10 to 1 against anyone else on his list?  My God, the best guy in the pack on the supposed Obama list polls about 6% among Democrat delegates and less than that among likely voters.

Can Obama be gullible or dumb enough to think that choosing Hillary Clinton will cost him Republican switchers?  I think not – but I do think the people around him might be because that’s the line they are feeding him.  Choosing Hillary will force moderate Republicans to vote for McCain because she’s a “lightening rod.”

Hey. Even Republicans are not that stupid. What on earth is she a lightening rod about?

Health care?  Even the GOP worries about the 60 million Americans who suffer with nothing but trips to the emergency ward of the local county hospital.  And Republican women?  Do you really think, when they get in that voting booth, none of them will pull the lever for Obama-Clinton – just to spite their boring husbands?  There is no one more aware of the “glass ceiling” than a woman who has to stay home all day with a brood of children eager to go shopping.

I’m no Hillary Clinton operative, but I don’t want to see another four or eight years of worse-than-Bush.

Let me make it short and sweet.  If Obama chooses anyone but Clinton, he deserves to lose – and I’m voting for him!

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