Rice, Cheney, and Bush: The Three Stooges of International Poise and Preparedness

Jeff Koopersmith has Georgia on his mind – along with the "no-brain trust" behind our floundering foreign policy.

August 14, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – The so-far almost totally unreported sorrow in Georgia this week is an email I received at the beginning of the week from Etuna Tsotniashvili, the executive editor the “The Messenger”, the only English language news source in Tbilisi.  I had asked after their well-being once the Russian tanks began racing over the border.

She replied, to my shock, that already four of their people are victims of this war.  Two are in hospital including the young American writer from Alaska, Winston Featherly, who underwent emergency surgery on his leg, and Georgian reporter Temur Kiguradze.  Far worse, two others – Giga Chikhradze and his photographer, Alexander Klimchuk – were killed, reportedly by Ossetian bandit gangs.  Giga Chikhradze left a wife and two children.

It happens that I am reading a thousand page biography of Generalissimo Franco of Spain this week, and although he was far smarter than either Bush or Cheney, the parallels between h50 and our idiot Administration are strong.  He always got it wrong, but he always “got away with it.”

One wonders just what Condi Rice and Dick Cheney were doing while Russia began to get her head swelled and  simultaneously decided not to be treated like a third rate nation any longer.  Not that I give high marks to Russia now, for its move into Georgia isn’t something I condone.  However, it was clear to freshman political science students at any junior college that Russian was ready to flex her muscles once again.

Our reaction+ Nada.

I suppose Cheney and Rice are too busy murdering our kids in Iraq and Afghanistan along with a half million civilians or more who “got in our way”.  The fact is however that Russia this week has announced “We’re back!”, and somehow Rice and Cheney – and of course our dimwitted President – are stunned nearly silent by Mr. Putin’s middle finger.

In truth, Russian tanks moving over borders is nothing unexpected to people who have “true” foreign policy experience – which seems not to include Rice or Cheney.  These two were too busy before they joined Bush 43 working for big oil and even Russian oil to pay attention to the anger gathering in the Kremlin as Cheney and Rice decided to build missile bases in Russia’s backyard.  Both are so mindless they forgot how we reacted when the Soviets put some missiles in Cuba.  The Cubans still suffer for that under our sword – fifty years on.  What did they think Russia would do as we closed the vise on her?

Idiot Rice and our President were all but arming Kosovo towards its independence knowing all along that Russia was aghast at that prospect.  Add our entreaties for Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO – and you have a wonderful cocktail for flaring tempers.

The pitiful thing of course is that we have little support for running Russia, like a feral cat, up a tree.  Now what?

Let’s see what Rice, Cheney, and Bush do in he coming days.  My guess is nothing but look pathetic because we haven’t the wherewithal to do much to save the budding democracy in Georgia intact.  While we pretend to construct a ‘democracy” in Iraq we will have no choice but to turn our backs on a European democracy.

The best we might hope for is a quick end to the hostilities and the loss of part of the northern portion of Georgia.

Again, we look like a paper tiger.  The list gets longer. First North Korea, then Iran, now Georgia.  What else and who else will the Bush Administration dance away from out of its sorry lack to predict obvious outcomes?

Now our foolhardiness and flaunting it may cost the Europe peace once more.  No longer will Russia be trusted and no longer will we be trusted by our puppet states in the East.  Those nations that were once under Soviet domination will now live in fear that any moment Mr. Putin might decide to move back in and be frightened that they cannot rely on America or NATO to do a darn thing about it.

Another late and unforgivable chapter in the grand Bush Legacy. 

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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