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August 14, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – Do you remember Dr. Joseph Goebbels?

He was Hitler’s chief of propaganda and in the end he became the Chancellor of the Third Reich for less than one day after Hitler did himself in. Goebbels and his delicate wife then murdered all their children in a bunker and then committed suicide themselves – we hope. With the possible exception of stooge “publisher” Julius Streicher, Goebbels was the most outspoken Jew hater in Hitler’s inner circle.

Now Goebbels’s clone, Dr. Jerome Corsi, has penned another book to add to his laughable tome of lies about John Kerry and Kerry’s “cowardice” during the Vietnam War. This time the target is Barack Obama, and the book is undistinguished and meaner than ever – a trademark of this ungulate whose university, Harvard, only mentions him once on their giant website – and that’s to report his apology for out-and-out bigoted remarks. He may have apologized, but he continues.

It seems that Corsi is the most outspoken Muslim hater in the Bush-Cheney camp. Perhaps he’ll become President of the Fourth Reich someday.

There’s little to say about Corsi’s book. “The Obama Nation” is nothing but a hit piece and so poorly drafted that a fifth grade kid in special class could do a better job.

Then again, Corsi knocks off books worthy of collective ridicule like a spider eats flies. It is amazing to me how some people will expose themselves to warranted derision. If he took more than two hours to dictate this one, it was too long.

Corsi’s book is full of lies. In fact, I couldn’t find more than two or three truthful statements in it, and those were the name of the publisher, its address – and the fact that Corsi wrote it.

Speaking of the publisher, the almost human she-snake, Mary Matalin, has raised her potholed head again. Corsi’s book is printed and published by Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions, whose chief editor is now – you guessed it – Mary Matalin.

Carly Simon should be squirming to think that her family’s old firm is now publishing neo-fascist material edited by a hoaxter married to a so-called political genius whose great claim to fame is his not so intelligent maw and his losing candidates. Simon & Schuster – just another money grubbing hog poaching on the most inarticulate derelicts.

Yet leave it to Matalin to start her latest job underscoring the talent for prevarication of Mr. Corsi. Corsi, who you might recall, also co-wrote “Unfit for Command”, in which lying Swift boat veterans criticized Sen. John F. Kerry’s Vietnam War record. That book was also proven to contain one fabrication after another and designed for the dimwits who believe whatever they’re told.

Here are just a few nauseating remarks in Corsi’s laughable tome:

  1. Obama is the son of an “alcoholic polygamist.”
  2. Obama is full of “black rage.”
  3. Obama is “anti-American.”
  4. Obama is attempting to “divide America.”
  5. Obama sees himself more as more of an “African” than an American.
  6. Obama lies about his religion – and implies the Senator is really a Muslim.
  7. Obama is an “opportunist.”
  8. Obama is an “extreme liberal.”
  9. Obama’s mother chose “men of color.”
  10. Obama’s mother chose “mates” not lovers or husbands.
  11. Obama’s mother chose “third world partners.”

Isn’t it just like a slob to pick on someone’s mother?

Corsi is also well known for dismissing Pope John Paul II – one of the most beloved popes in history – as “senile.” Corsi calls Islam a “virus” although he is a Jaddua of social disgrace, a glutton, and an all-around pariah.

Corsi, of course, pretends he wrote this pack of lies out of some sincere wish that Obama is not elected. If that were true, he could have at least tried to make an intelligent case rather than a psychotic and deceitful one.

Jerome Corsi learned long ago that writing like a Nazi can make you big money. Therefore, he joined the crowd. You know who they are – they’re all on Fox News and run it as well.

Now Americans make men and women like Corsi millionaires. Yet in truth, these books only make the best seller lists because they are printed and bought in bulk for pennies on the dollar. They are bought by other neo-Nazi organizations to make it appear that hundreds of thousands literate Americans are actually reading this garbage.

This is yet another road sign that the New GOP believes in whole-heartedly — dumbing-down America. That’s what the Bush Administration’s “leaving no child behind” is beyond doubt about — producing more adults who take any twaddle they read as fact.

God help us.

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women’s health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.{mosimage}

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