• Waxman: U.S. Consumers 'Fueling' Iraq Budget Surplus
• Obama slams McCain in inaugural radio address
• FBI Admits it Illegally Obtained NYTimes, WaPo Reporters Phone Records
• Justice Department Will Be Asked to Investigate McCain Bundlers
• The Prosecutor Purge Scandal and the Justice Department's Truthiness Problem
• Edwards: "If You Want to Beat Me Up – Feel Free"
• Dem appeals decision to prohibit visit to his dying wife
• Bounty for the heads of corrupt 527 smearboaters: MoveOn offers $100K reward for right-wing takedowns
• The political prosecutions of Paul Minor in Mississippi and Don Siegelman in Alabama can be traced to legal and political battles over tobacco and gambling
• Obama Campaign uses the forbidden "L" word to call latest Mccain ad what it is: a LIE
• Bush Administration Putting Immunity for Blackwater Over the Lives of Our Troops
• Bush classifies $200 million cybersecurity program, redacts questions about contractors

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