• Murray Waas: Claims of executive privilege in U.S. attorney probe could prove to be cataclysmic for the GOP
• New evidence suggests Ron Suskind is right
• A new organization, devoted to imposing real accountability on the political class, begins today
• Russian tanks enter Georgian "breakaway" province South Ossetia
• TN-09: Rep. Steve Cohen (D) Wins Racially Charged Tennessee Primary Battle
• TN-01: Another GOP Incumbent, Rep. David Davis (R), Loses Primary
• EPA's Johnson: I won't resign!
• Krugman: Republicans have become the party of stupid
• Obama Assassination Threat Leads to Imprisonment of Florida Man
• Despite prosecutors' pleas, Gitmo jury gives bin Laden driver Salim Hamdan only 5 1/2 years; eligible for release in 6 months
• MN-Sen: Al Franken comes out swinging
• MoveOn Starts Sinking Cash into Congressional Races
• Missouri Voter Refuses Illegal Demand to Show Photo ID at Poll, Gets Thrown in Jail
• Bush economy: Unemployment claims highest in six year

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