• Liz "Sprinkes" Sidoti pens a massive defense of John McCain
• CIA Accuses Pakistan of Terror Links
• Anthrax Evidence Called Mostly Circumstantial
• McCainsLobbyists.com Launches to Track the Lobbyist Money That Bankrolls McCain's Campaign (and His Advisers)
• BRAD BLOG Exclusive: the Purported 'Anthrax Killer', Was a Registered Democrat
• Deleted photo sparks fears DEA may be using mercenaries
• Hess Corporation "Office Manager" And Her Husband Both Gave $28,500 to Elect McCain
• 'God Hates Fags' church burns; was it an inside job?
• Anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins's colleague 'really, really' doubts his guilt
• Big inflation sinks spending
• More Domestic Terrorism? Did "Animal Rights" Extremists Undermine Their Own Cause by Firebombing Homes of 2 California Researchers?

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