Cro-Magnon Mail: When Hate Mail Backfires

We get letters. Jaw-droppingly foolish letters. Case in point:

Subject: American Politics Journal: Hate
From: Allen Young <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 05:11:14 -0700


This whole article is filled with hate.

WHICH whole article? Are you too goddamn lazy to let us know to which article you are referring? Or are you stupid? Or are you a victim of homeschooling?

But I will tell you this: it's obvious even without knowing which article you have referenced that you don't know the clear, semantic distinction between righteous, reasoned and justified anger and hate. I can't tell you whether this is the result of your own lazy thinking, developmental disability or homeschooling – only you can answer that.

I had to stop reading to puke.

You puked? Really? Something tells me that you're lyi… er, exaggerating a tad. If you had indeed puked, you probably would have done so on your keyboard, thereby shorting it out. I'm sure you can understand my skepticism.

You freaking libs…

"Libs"? How many "libs" do you know who support the flat tax? Or support amending the PATRIOT Act to go after criminal and street gangs – gangs that are spreading to the suburbs and, yes, rural Americs – gangs that are a direct threat to the well-being of citizens across the country?

It is clear to me that you are either too lazy or too developmentally disabled to have gone into our archives to discern whether we're "Leftist," "liberal," "libertarian," "conservative," "Neocon," or some other broad and facile label that intellectually bankrupt and lazy lemmings like yourself just love to slap on someone rather than develop a robust argument to support your own weak, indefensible position.

… just can't handle the truth.

The truth… about WHAT? If you're going to make a claim, be specific.

In the future, I'll avoid anything written by either of these ass holes.

"Ass holes"? First, it's one word, "assholes". Learn to spell. Second, you mentioned "this whole article." I don't recall any of our recent articles having been written by multiple authors, i.e. "ass holes" [sic].

Also, I'm cancelling my subscription to AOL.This is the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen.

Well, at least you're doing something right. America OnLine is a disaster – their software is a memory hog, IM spam is a nuisance, and there's almost nothing there that you can't find using Firefox and a decent search engine. Good move – you do have at least some common sense!

Mike Harwood
American Politics Journal

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