Rush Limbaugh: 20 Years of Lies and Hate

Jeff Koopersmith reviews OxyContin addict Rush Limbaugh's twenty years of hate-filled moronic mockery that has helped destroy our nation.

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Limbaugh on OxyContin

August 2, 2008 – Geneva ( – The dim bulbs at Human Events had to think of something to celebrate this week so they could send their several hundred readers more spam from their “advertisers” – which include fraudulent “health care providers” and everyone who types for them giving away their stockpiled books which never sell, for free.

Human Events also had to find a hero, which is a difficult thing for the ultra right. Father Coughlan, Heinrich Himmler and Joe McCarthy are all dead, so they chose today's outstanding hate monger: Rush Limbaugh, the radio drug addict who used his maid as his “connection” to buy illegal heroin-based drugs and risked her life in doing so.

Of course, we could count of Ann Coulter – the wannabee Rush – so in love with that pig that she moved next door to him a few years ago. Of course, Rush lives in a house – a thirty million dollar compound. Ann lives in a dump – a two family atrocity on a questionable street in Palm Beach which lost half it’s value the moment she bought it. Of course, Rush must have been delighted she moved sort of “into the neighborhood.” Now they can have lunch or dinner together in a real restaurant instead of having to make bologna sandwiches at home. You see, when Rush first moved to Palm Beach he found out that when he walked into a restaurant, half the people would walk out, shouting at him – even threatening him.

In other words, Rush is a pariah – even in Republican stronghold Palm Beach. Coulter is a piranha and a pariah. Together they can at least try to go out without being stoned by people who don’t think that Condi Rice is a God.

To get to the point – Ann felt she just had to really kiss the very fat rump of Limbaugh this week, so she decided to rewrite history and claim that Rush “invented radio”.

In a way, that’s true. Limbaugh invented modern hate radio, radio for the stupid and insane, radio the paranoid and ignorant, radio for those fearful of change and longong for a return to the imaginary “values” of a past America, and radio that liberals love to listen to – because Rush is just one big comedy act to us. Dark humor it’s called.

Ann Coulter thinks that Rush’s “story” is like something from a movie. She actually writes, in a breathless gush worthy of Leni Riefensthal, “Forging his own path against all odds and under constant attack, in the end, the hero triumphs!”

The reader barfs.

I think what she meant was that he was fired over and over again for unacceptable deceitfulness and bigotry and finally, after this mode became popular in certain redneck parts of California, he finally found his niche: appeal to the dumbest asses on earth and make them think they’re brain surgeon material.

The father of Western education, John Locke, said it best: “The masses are asses”.

Ann mentions that she clerked for a federal court judge in Kansas City after she barely made it out of law school. She probably did that because, deep down, she wanted to be a prosecutor – and imprison all those black people who used and sold drugs so white people could be safe, white people like Limbaugh who could freak out all day and night on Oxycontin by using his poor maid as a drug mule – and get away with it.

I might mention that the judge she clerked for, Pasco Bowman II, was a Reagan appointee and, just by chance (wink wink), his court – the 8th Circuit Court in St. Louis, made up of Pasco Bowman, James Loken and Clarence Beam – accommodated Big Loser Kenneth Starr by removing Judge Henry Woods of Little Rock from one of Starr's sham Whitewater frauds.

Judge Bowman was frightened that Judge Woods would be far too smart for Starr’s weasel-based fables. Starr was known to be most interested finding the “Right,” as in a right wing Judge rather than finding justice. Even that ruse failed – and Coulter was probably part of it in one way or another (let's not forget Ann's role in passing around tapes of “private” conversations between Monica Lewinsky and Divine lookalike Linda “Judas” Tripp). Starr couldn’t find even a corrupt judge who would listen seriously to his hoodwink arguments.

Anyway, Coulter lets us in on what must be the world’s best kept secret: that Rush is part of the “prominent” Limbaugh family! She claims every lawyer in the Midwest has heard of the Limbaughs. Wow! Well I guess every family has to have at least one disgrace and Rush is it.

Coulter claims that Rush “spurned” the law, spurned college and “went on radio.”

She forgets why he “spurned the law and college” – but if I told you why you wouldn’t believe me. I will anyway: he was a clown. The funniest conclusion Ms. Coulter draws here that Limbaugh laughed at education – “because he wanted to” – this, naturally, being evidence that he was a “conservative.”

Huh? Well, I guess that is correct in a way – the so-called conservatives who have somehow become Neofascists in the last thirty years do just that, don’t they? They do whatever they feel like: declaring illegal wars, killing a million innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, throwing the Constitution in the toilet, enriching themselves personally drenched in the blood of our soldiers who they make believe they care for, destroying America’s economy, and making the world detest our wonderful country.

Yes, those conservatives! They do what they want.

Even Coulter has to admit – and she does – that Limbaugh was fired over and over again from radio – not because of his “distinctive brand of conservatism,” but for hate-baiting blacks, gays, lesbians, liberals (also known as people who can read and comprehend rather than using Cliff Notes), and any other typical Nazi target he could find.

Liberals never said that Rush was in radio for the money as Coulter claims. Liberals believed Rush should be exposed for the fraud he is: a liar, a bigot, a hate-filled evil fat clown, and worse.

Coulter believes Rush Limbaugh is a success. Of course she does – because people like her measure success by how much money you earn. Rush earned every nickel and he did it by hawking fraudulent and misleading products. Reliable companies that advertised on radio wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. I’ve always wondered how much money his kind of advertisers stole from Rush’s audience – who, by definition, must be dumber than wood.

This is Coulter’s best sentence: “Perhaps some of Rush’s imitators are in it for the money, but when Rush was coming up, there was absolutely no reason to believe three hours of conservative talk radio was the path to big bucks.”

She forgot to add – imitators “like me”

Coulter thanks Limbaugh for making it “easier” for people like her to become successful at bigotry and hate mongering. I guess he deserves her thanks, but that’s like saying that Hitler made it easier for Saddam or George W. Bush for that matter.

She applauds Rush for “flushing out” liberals and making us use our “talking points” against him. This is her biggest lie. In fact, we liberals love Rush’s free-for-all use of the radio waves – he makes liberals look smarter every day. How Coulter can use the word “us” referring to herself and Rush is the biggest laugh.

Here’s a fact: Coulter is nothing. Limbaugh, like Stalin, is monumental – a monumental hate-filled fraud.

Coulter goes on with her weasel comparisons – “there was no FOX News, no Drudge Report. Rush just had to stand there taking the bullets by himself.” Bullets? You mean Treasury Bills, don’t you?

Even more ridiculous is putting Matt Drudge in a league alongside FOX. As I recall, FOX briefly broadcast Drudge – then fired him! Further, Drudge often tells the truth – which is more than I can say for Coulter or Limbaugh. Both are merely hired ideological whores for evil in my judgment.

I’m not sure anyone criticizes Mr. Limbaugh any longer. Why bother? He’s now a bit player on a very big stage. There are so many Rush Limbaughs who are so much dumber and more mean-spirited than he that he’s merely another egg in the rotten dozen. Look at Sean Hannity, for instance: a high school dropout thug with an IQ that matches my dog’s.

As for Coulter’s rehash of how “large” the Neocon audience is today, I remind her that her ludicrous books are taking up a football field’s size warehouse and that Rush’s numbers are way down. However, he is popular.

Again, “the Masses are Asses” – or at least that’s the theory Rush works from, the same one that thrust Hitler to power: “the Big Lie.” Rush is the certainly one of the biggest liars.

Coulter couldn’t find any recent criticism of Limbaugh because no one really cares to bother. So, she dug up a 17 year-old list of criticisms against conservatives from a world renowned news source, The Syracuse Post-Standard, that published a list of Rush-based tag lines. I won’t bother you with the full list, but she misses the point – as usual – because she measures success by money. That’s the only thing she knows. She counters Limbaugh’s thoughtful critics not by defending his hate-mongering, but by reminding us how much money he has accrued.

As always, in these days of Obama, Coulter manages to inject some anti-black racism into her column, this time talking about Limbaugh’s lies and hate speech and actually quoting him: “When the [black] illegitimacy rate is raised, the Rev. Jackson and other black leaders immediately change the subject."

Then Coulter follows telling us that Jesse Jackson decries “children having children”?

Yes, and…?

She must be drinking again.

Coulter feels that liberals believe Rush Limbaugh is stupid. This is absolutely not true. Limbaugh is uneducated. He is a dolt. He knows nothing of what he speaks about. Yet he isn’t at all stupid. Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer – a clown, a Bozo of bluster, a hate-filled puppet who does a great job of it.

I would wager he is close to genius on that scale – but then, so are a lot of serial killers.

Jeff Koopersmith is an internationally renowned political consultant, opinion research authority and policy analyst. He has lobbied for causes including the alternative fuel sector and women's health, and is an expert on the international real estate market. He lives in Philadelphia, Washington and Geneva.

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