• Can Stevens Survive?
• More: Stevens to Face Arraignment in Federal Court Tomorrow
• More: Feds Allege Stevens Did Foreign Favors for VECO, But Provide Few Details
• More: Financial Disclosure Forms at Center of Steven's False Statements
• More: Sen. Ted Stevens Took Undisclosed Gifts Worth $250K, Including Viking Gas Grill
• More: Stevens Resigns from Two Committees
• Ted Stevens: Down the Toobz

• Washington Post: McCain is lying about Obama
• NYT Editorial: McCain Has "Wholeheartedly Adopted Rove's…Uncivil Playbook"
• Bush Signs Housing Bill in Secret Ceremony
• CIA Secretly Confronted Pakistan About Growing Links to Militants
• Senators Call for Resignation of EPA Administrator Johnson
• McCain-chaired 'Democracy' group caters to lobbyists
• Petraeus: Iraq is approaching "Normal" levels of violence, chaos, carnage and death
• Tennessee Church Shooting: This Is an Inevitable Consequence of Shock-Jocks' Eliminationist Rhetoric
• Rep. Henry Waxman Joins Chorus Urging Special Counsel Scott Bloch to Resign
• Waxman: Blackwater ‘misled' officials to get contracts
• Glenn Greenwald: Democrats should give "Blue Dogs" the boot
• McCain Goes Over-the-Top Negative
• Big Labor Targets Swing States with Massive Obama-Not-Muslim Mailer Blitz
• US infrastructure falling apart

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