The news cycle seems to get fatter each day….

• Ex-AG Alberto Gonzales Aides Broke Laws in Hiring, Report Says
• Inspector General: "[Monica] Goodling violated both federal law and [Justice] Department policy"
• DOJ Politicization: Will Political Litmus Tests in Hiring for DOJ Spell End to Goodling Immunity Deal?
• Rand study: Bush Doctrine of preventive war as counterterrorism strategy is an abject failure
• Warret Buffett joins Obama in bid to solve economic crisis
• GOP Senators filibuster Stroke Treatment, Vision Care for Kids, Paralysis research, Combating Child Exploitation…
• McCain's Cancer Returns?
• Robert Novak diagnosed with brain tumor
• Ahmadinejad: Iran to reach out to US
• Former Homeland Security Adviser Stephen Payne Talked About Cash Deal for U.N. "Passport"

More below the fold…

• Andrea Mitchell Shocks America, Leads Media Pushback against Dishonest, Misleading McCain Ad
• Waxman: Blackwater ‘misled' officials to get contracts
• Glenn Greenwald: Democrats should give "Blue Dogs" the boot
• McCain Goes Over-the-Top Negative
• Big Labor Targets Swing States with Massive Obama-Not-Muslim Mailer Blitz
• US infrastructure falling apart
• Pelosi Would Impeach Bush If She Had "The Goods"
• EPA Prohibits Pollution Experts from Talking to IG Investigators
• More: Senate GOP votes pro-child porn, anti-flag to protect bathroom lesbian freak
• IG Report: DOJ Misconduct Included Preparing False Statements for a Reporter
• FactCheck.Org Gets It Right: McCain's Troop Visit Attack Ad Is False
• More: McCain "had a spot removed from his face on Monday"
• NJ lawmaker resigns amid child porn probe
• Obama making strong regional gains
• More: Goodling Rejected ‘Outstanding' Attorney's Job Extension Because of ‘Inappropriate' Gay Relationship
• Conyers Considers "Criminal Referral" for Gonzales, Other DOJ Officials
• In Tennessee, Eliminationism Is No Longer ‘Just a Joke'
• She Should Be Indicted: Monica Goodling Passed Over Experienced Counterterrorism Prosecutor Because Wife Was a Democrat
• A senior Bush administration official says the budget deficit for this year will set a record in dollar terms, approaching $490 billion
• Leahy Says DOJ Scandal Harmed National Security

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