Bush "surged" in the wrong place:

• US War on Terrorism Is Losing Ground in Pakistan
• Three states illegally purging voter rolls
• President Bush, abandoned by media, loses influence
• Think tank exposes evidence of "liberal bias" bias on cable "news"
• "Let 'em freeze to death!" Republicans Vote Against Lower Oil and Gas Prices and for Illegal Immigration and More American Troop Deaths
• Black Talk Radio Is Left's Answer to Limbaugh, Propagating Obama's Message and Agenda while Pushing Back Right-wing Lies
• McCain Attack Ad Backfires as Sen. Jack Reed Blasts Old, Bitter GOP Candidate
• Senate passes landmark housing bill aimed at sparing 400,000 struggling homeowners from foreclosure by 72-13 margin
• Arrogant Bush Regime tells Nouri al-Maliki, emerging Iraq democracy that they must bow to demand of continued occupation

More below the fold…

• Impact of DOJ political blacklisting unclear, but definitely ‘on our radar screen'
• Blacks and Latinos with Identical Credit Far More Likely than Whites to Receive Subprime Loans
• The Endless Smearing of Joe Wilson
• The Big Pharma boondoggle – windfall profits from Medicare
• AP analysis: US now on offensive in Iraq war
• India Arrests Dozens in Bombings That Killed 45
• Oil industry spills tons of money into political sea, and it all washes up on McCain's shore
• Meet Mike Connell, GOP operative and election thief
• McCain launches negative ad based on lie; New Karl Rove version of John McCain is now on full display
• Sunnis Ascendant: Shiite Mahdi Army Significantly Weakened in Baghdad
• McCain: Petty, Jealous and Dangerously Flawed
• McCain Smear Ad on Troop Visits to Begin Tonight
• Top McCain Fundraiser Lobbying Bush Admin to Help ‘Quash' Toxic-Dumping Case for Chevron
• 29 dead, 100 injured in India blasts
• 23/6 Online: Nas, Kanye, Take Heart! FOX News Has Nothing against the Good Kind of Black People
• Analysis: McCain More Conservative Than Bush
• "After tonight's broadcast of ABC News with Charlie Gibson, ABC might as well openly declare its support for John McCain."

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