• Is John McCain trying to lose?
• Reagan Revolution Deader than the Gipper Out of Style, Regulation Hot Even with Republicans as Mortgage Crisis Spreads
• U.S. foreclosure filings more than doubled in the second quarter from a year earlier
• ISP admits secret snooping in Kansas
• Chuck Hagel: Quit Talking About the Surge, Focus on War's Future
• Majority of Americans Not Fooled, Say More Drilling Won't Reduce Oil Prices But Will Make Oil Companies Richer
• Lieberman's Seeks Pardon of Terrorist
• Fix Was in on Siegelman Case
• Rep. Keith Ellison (D-King of Smackdown) Slams Vote Suppressor Hans von Spakovsky over Disenfranchised Nuns and U.S. Attorneys
• VA-Sen: Scandal for Gilmore
• Lawyer: in denying role in Siegelman case, Rove 'actually incriminated himself'
• Malkin's "Jaw-Dropping Political Miracle" Turns Out to Be Cash Cow for BMW Direct
• An interactive guide to the White House's crimes and misdemeanors

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