• Obama begins firsthand look at Baghdad; White House pressured sought 'clarification' after Iraqi PM backed Obama's Iraq plan
• Obama vows 'vigor' in terror fight
• Rain new focus in mountain west water wars
• Obama lands in Baghdad to meet Iraqi prime minister
• TSA targeting investigative journalists
• Gitmo 'Justice' for US Citizens?
• Liberal Bloggers Brace for Victory as Dead Tree Media, Cable "News' Scratch Heads; Obama's Prospects Pose New Concerns for Netroots
NY Times: Yes, Maliki did endorse Barack Obama's 16-month troop withdrawal plan
• COINTELPRO Comes to My Town: My First-Hand Experience with Government Spies
• Wife: PTSD-afflicted soldier propped up as hero then discarded
• GOP steps up class warfare as campaign issue while middle class shrinks
• Watch Lara Logan Interview Barack Obama
• Iraq PM retracts support for Obama, but damage done
• Subliminal message in McCain's new ad? Count on it from rats like Alex Castellanos
• Obama kicks off Middle East tour with stops in Afghanistan and Kuwait
• US gives Iran two-week deadline to end the nuclear impasse
• Obama tour puts focus on war and foreign policy

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