• Obama kicks off Middle East tour with stops in Afghanistan and Kuwait
• US gives Iran two-week deadline to end the nuclear impasse
• Obama tour puts focus on war and foreign policy
• Can't Escape his own Words: Maliki Endorses Obama's Exit Plan Again
• Obama Meets with Afghan President Karzai
• Really, General? Like It's Not Obvious Already? Petraeus: Al Qaeda "May Be" Shifting Focus Back to Afghanistan from Iraq
• Big oops: Coalition 'bombs Afghan police' twice
• Divorce, Domestic Violence, Childhood Nightmares: Long Wars Taking Tolls on Military Families
• Obama's aides furious at McCain for blabbing about Dem's Mideast trip
• Al-Maliki agrees with Obama; GOP adviser: "We're f$#@ed."
• Oops! Intertube fustercluck as White House emails Reuters story headlined "Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan" to external list
• Expert: Patch suggests Diebold tampered with '02 election
• The AP's shift isn't sloppy – it's deliberate
• Top Dem Party Officials Send Sharply-Worded Email Demanding That Hillary Donors And Supporters Get Behind Obama
• US plays down hopes of breakthrough from talks, but Iran upbeat

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