• US plays down hopes of breakthrough from talks, but Iran upbeat
• Maliki endorsement of Obama timeline is a rebuke to McCain – and a message to Republicans, conservatives, and Team Bush that it's time to go
• McCain blabs details of Obama's trip to Iraq
• McCain Moneyraiser Worked for Sweatshop Haven Marianas Islands
• Is the House Finally Considering Impeachment of Bush?
• Election theft disguised as the "Tom Bradley effect"
• Iglesias: Rove Won't Testify ‘To Keep Himself from Being Indicted'
• Hannity challenges Obama to co-host his Fox show
• Russian and Serb Interests Paid for Congressman Curt Weldon's Family Vacation to Europe
• Chairman Waxman threatens to hold Mukasey in contempt over withholding Cheney's FBI interview about Valerie Plame
• DOJ Says Payne Never Got Legal Opinion from FARA Office

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