Just what one expects from today's GOP:

• Officials spread Katrina lie to push offshore drilling
• Obama Raises $52 Million in June
• "W" actors' arrest details reveal police brutality: tasers, pepper spray, bigot Shreveport cops direct "N" word at actor Jeffrey Wright
• Pentagon Signals New Escalation in Afghanistan
• All Three Major Evening News Anchors Will Accompany Obama on His Overseas Trip
• American Forces Retreat in Defeat: Taliban drives NATO, American forces from Afghan post
• New OPR Investigation into Siegelman Prosecutor Alice Martin, Has Commenced
• Seven years on, no answer from White House on anthrax attacks
• Obama: It's Time for a Real Offensive Against Terrorism
• Bush Claims Executive Privilege in Valerie Plame Leak
• Smacked Down Like a Housefly: Congress Overrides Bush's Veto of Medicare Protection
• "Surge" Ends… But with More Troops in Iraq than Before Buildup Began

More below the fold…

• Death threats, Net rant: Blogger subpoena tied to investigation of threats against Bronx Board of Elections official
• Contracting abuses found in small-business program
• Cracking Code Pink: How their guerilla theater has become a critical part of the antiwar movement
• Federal deficit soars
• Suspicion Surrounds Firing of EPA Panel Chair; Did Chemical Industry Pressure EPA into Firing Toxicologist
• Murray Waas on the Plamegate cover-up
• Energy Crisis Or Transportation Crisis?
• About those Iraq benchmarks: they are NOT being met
• Bush uses "executive privilege" to beat Plamegate rap
• Is the Bush Administration Trying to Redefine Contraception as Abortion?
• US lobbying firm helped steal the election in Azerbaijan
• FBI Investigating IndyMac for Fraud in Home Loans to Risky Borrowers
• Lawmakers Call on State Department to Investigate Oil Deals
• Bush Invokes Executive Privilege to Shield Cheney's Role in Outing Valerie Plame
• McCain campaign finance scams continue unabated and unchallenged by the press
• Bush Seeks "False Comfort of Appeasment" as He Green-lights "Most Significant" Contact with Iran Since 1979
• The rich politicized elites hate socialism… unless it involves, say, bailing out corrupt mortgage banks
• Obama offers a Marshall plan for the 21st century
• Barack Obama's super marketing machine: He knows your neighborhood, your favorite products and even when you open your e-mail
• With the Elitists' Money: Half of McCain's Campaign Cash Came from 500 Bundlers
• Must be Alzheimer's: for fourth time, McCain references country that doesn't exist

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