• The rich politicized elites hate socialism… unless it involves, say, bailing out corrupt mortgage banks
• Obama offers a Marshall plan for the 21st century
• Barack Obama's super marketing machine: He knows your neighborhood, your favorite products and even when you open your e-mail
• With the Elitists' Money: Half of McCain's Campaign Cash Came from 500 Bundlers
• Must be Alzheimer's: for fourth time, McCain references country that doesn't exist
• Bush Administration Sending Senior Envoy to Switzerland Talks with Iran
• Feith Lies to Congress: ‘I Championed a Policy of Respect for Geneva'
• Is U.S. Foreign Policy for Sale?
• House Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing: Doug Feith Denies, Denies, Denies, Then Calls CIA Interrogators Who Tortured "Rogue Agents"
• Energy Crisis: President Bush laughs as the nation chokes
• GOP Brags That McCain Will Continue Bush's Economic Legacy
• Bush Homeland Security Adviser Blames Reporter for "Cash for Access" Scandal
• Inflation jumps 1.8% in June
• Obama: "I Strongly Stand By My Plan to End This War"
• Super Rich American Tax Cheats Outed by Overseas Bank Clerk
• Undeterred, Kucinich to introduce another impeachment article

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