• Douglas Feith Set to Testify on Torture
• Bronx District Attorney subpoenas blog, won't say why while suppressing their First Amendment rights
• DHS official Stephen Payne admits selling access could be ‘perceived to be bribery,' but insists it's legal
• Police: Iraq suicide bombers kill 28 army recruits
• Producer price index up 1.8% in June…
• Wholesale inflation is worst in 27 years
• Rove defends his arrogant criminal conduct defiance of congressional subpoena
• Dollar hits new low vs. Euro
• Henry Waxman Launches Probe into Lobbyist Stephen Payne Who Allegedly Traded Access for Bush Library Donations
• McCain Has to Campaign in Home State
• White House Distances President from Homeland Security Advisor Who Tried to Trade Access for Cash
• Media bias exposed: 'Keep up the fight,' Top AP editor Rn Fournier once wrote to Karl Rove
• Report: WH milked Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch untruths during sour times
• Republicans Find Themselves Morphing into a Regional Party, Creating Major Complications in House Races
• Pundit Tips the Villagers' Hand: the Narrative Is "Obama's First Term Will Be a Disaster"
• Five Years Later–and the Attorney General Still Maintains the Cover-Up
• Sen. Byron Dorgan: Contractor Failures in Iraq Have Cost Lives

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