Times of London: Bush backs an Israeli plan for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities
• Bill Clinton to states, governors: grow a pair already!
• Dennis Kucinich Pressures Congressional Leadership to Start Impeachment Process, Issues Single Article of Impeachment
• Bush Nominates Wingnut War Apologist to Propaganda Board
• Democrats May Kick Out Joe Lieberman If He Addresses the Republican National Convention
• Karl Rove Fled the Country to Avoid Congressional Hearings
• Video: Bush Homeland Security Aide Stephen Payne Caught on Tape Offering High-Level Access for Donations to Bush Library
• Senate Passes Foreclosure Rescue Plan to Help Hundreds of Thousands of Homeowners
• Court rules strip-search of 13-year-old unconstitutional
• More Fallout from Jane Mayer's New Book: Did White House turn a blind eye to Gitmo?

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