• Iraq's Complicated Oil Fields: Western Oil Companies Face Political and Technical Difficulties
• Iran test-fires missiles for second day
• Congress names names in FEMA trailer probe
• Fannie, Freddie `Insolvent' After Losses, Poole Says
• Iran busted for photoshopping image of missile launch, adding a projectile
• Bush Threatening to Veto Homeless Veterans Bill
• Katrina trailer makers knew of problems
• McCain Flip Flops Again, Axes His Climate Change Plan
• More: Mukasey Argues That Torture Authorizers 'Cannot And Should Not' Be Prosecuted Or Even Investigated
• More: Mukasey Won't Say Whether Gonzales Politicized the Justice Department
• Civil liberties board goes dark under Bush
• New Jersey GOP takes down 'Obama loves America like O.J. loved Nicole' banner from website
• Soldier's life threatened for atheist beliefs
• Turley: It's 'A Very Inconvenient Fact Right Now' to Say Bush Committed a Felony with His Wiretapping Program
• The Senate has a "Roy Hobbs in the Bottom of the Ninth" moment as Ted Kennedy returns
• Bye-Bye Fourth Amendment, It's Been Swell…
• David Brock's Third-Party Group Reconstitutes as Anti-McCain Research Outfit
• Obama Votes Yes on FISA, Goes Against Dem Leadership Grain
• Democratic Support for Blocking FISA Provisions Falls Short
• Mukasey: Bush's New 'Mr. Cover-up'
• New Jersey Republican Party Compares Obama to OJ Simpson
• Feingold -Dodd Amendment fails on FISA

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