• California Real Estate Insider Sues Financial Greed Industry in the Public Interest
• Waxman Schedules Vote on Contempt Charge against Attorney General Michael Mukasey
• "A repudiation of the long-held view that markets alone can best regulate themselves"
• More: OPR contacts Siegelman in connection with probe of overwhelming evidence of politicized prosecution
• Petraeus prohibits phrase ‘We're winning' in connection with Iraq
• Obstruction of Justice: U.S. Blocks Payments to ACLU Attorneys Working at Guantanamo Bay
• Oil Prices Down: Crude Oil Prices Drop More Than $8 in 2 days
• Kucinich to bring single article of impeachment for misleading US into war
• As FISA nears toward vote, Feingold warns against immunity
• Is the McCain Campaign Screening Questioners on Conference Calls?
• Ex-EPA Official: White House Lied to Hide Cheney's Role in Eviscerating Global Warming Testimony
• Glenn Greenwald: August 8, 1974 v. July 9, 2008
• DNC seeks input from public for Democratic platform
• FOX News Repositions (to Take on Obama?)
• Internal Politics Heat Up at Sputtering McCain Campaign
• Mississippi gave away Katrina aid to prisoners
• Waxman Considering Legislation to Ban Future Rove-Type Advisers

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