• Ex-EPA Official: White House Lied to Hide Cheney's Role in Eviscerating Global Warming Testimony
• Glenn Greenwald: August 8, 1974 v. July 9, 2008
• Open convention: DNC seeks input from public for Democratic platform
• FOX News Repositions (to Take on Obama?)
• Internal Politics Heat Up at Sputtering McCain Campaign
• Mississippi gave away Katrina aid to prisoners
• Waxman Considering Legislation to Ban Future Rove-Type Advisers
• Contrary to earlier reports, young arms dealer pleads not guilty
The McLaughlin Group analyses the toxic legacy of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
• Military Kicks Out Embedded Blogger for Photographing Marine Killed in a Suicide Bombing in Iraq
• What's Bad for Alaska Republicans Is Good for DC Lawyers
• Now watch this drive! as Iraq, Middle East spiral out of control, Condoleezza Rice has been ‘playing a lot of golf'
• Media blackout on ex-prosecutor's bestselling book accusing Bush of murder

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