• Glenn Greenwald demolishes another Beltway media myth: "The left-wing base" v. "the American people" on Iraq is just more Village hooey
• Is a Republican National Convention platform fight brewing?
• Lewis Lapham Rips Tim Russert: "A Spokesman for Power, Wealth, And Privilege"
• Bud Day Was a Part of “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”, the Dishonest Smear Campaign Vs. John Kerry in 2004
• The End of the Reagan Era
• Iraq Vet Made Famous By Photo Dies of Drug Overdose
• The Working Poor: Survival in An Economic Darwinism America
• FOX News Channel – still more about PR than news – deals with aftermath of photo-altering fuctercluck
• American's Real Oil Policy: Invading and Screwing Up in Iraq
• For Republicans, the Senate outlook is ominous
• Analysts: US's Chances to Head Off Current Oil Crisis Were Ignored, Blocked
• "The [economic] crises… are a direct – and in many cases, desired – result of political choices that have been imposed on us"
• If Alaska's Rep. Don Young needs help (and believe me, he's in deep legal doo-doo), he turns to lobbyists
• Frustration in the Army officer corps: the untold story
• Presidential candidates spent nearly a billion dollars through May of this campaign season

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