Pre-holiday-weekend barrage o' headlines for political junkies!

Strib dares say it: Karl Rove is gaining de facto control of the campaign for Bush's third term
• Judge Rejects Bush Jr.'s View on Wiretaps, Unitary Executive, Big Brother State
• 1987: Out-of-control John McCain physically assaulted diplomatic official at talks
• State Dept Officials Knew of Iraq Oil Deal with Company Tied to Bush
• The International Monetary Fund is about to audit the US Financial System. No, We're Not Making That Up!
• FISA: Lawyers prep to fight immunity
• Colombia Rescues Ingrid Betancourt, Americans from FARC
• Waxman: White House Knew About Hunt Oil Deal in Iraq (Which Means Bush Jr. Was Lying)
• Willfully Ignoring the Culture of Corruption: Justice Department Fraud Cases on Huge Backlog
• Air Force finds lax nuke security
• Office of Special Counsel to Investigate DOJ Hiring

We're just getting started! More below the fold…

Wall Street Journal Declares "Bear Market" – What Took Them So Long?
• ACLU: Pentagon made 'unprecedented' effort to hide human cost of war
• Limbaugh: 'I consider myself a defender of corporate America'
• The Villagers Rally for McCain, Attack Wesley Clark; Andrea Mitchell Leads the Way
• Hunt Oil and the Bush Admin: a Timeline of Correspondence
• Obama Supporters Organize on FISA
• Washington Fundraising Firm Drains Some Campaign Coffers, Not Others
• Wash. Post baselessly suggested preferential treatment in home loan interest rate Obama received
• McCain Camp Shakeup: Top Bush-Cheney Aide Promoted
• GOP's Teresa Heinz Kerry Attacks Backfire as Cindy McCain's Finances Go Under the Microscope
• Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Doobies) May Be Investigated for Cheap D.C. Apartment
• Almost goes apesh!t: McCain nearly loses cool with reporter asking him to reply to Clark's comments
• McCain Replaces Campaign Manager So He Can Tend to Major Donors"
• McCain fundraiser "oversaw payment of roughly $1.7 million" to terror group in Colombia
• Shake Up at Top of McCain Campaign

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