• Obama, a Super-low Credit Risk, Got Discount on Home Loan Three Years Ago by Leveraging Competitive Lending
• Wall Streeters say speculators are doubling your gas prices
• More American troops died in Afghanistan last month than in any other month since the 2001 invasion
• Exporting Human Rights Abuses: US Mercs teach Mexican police torture
• US Spying on Iraqi Army After Breakdowns in Trust
• Redefining Success in Iraq: White House Report Claims 'Satisfactory' Progress on 15 Benchmarks
• CBS Evening News aired portion of dirty trickster Floyd Brown's anti-Obama attack ad, failing to report Obama is not a Muslim
• Media continue to falsely claim Clark criticized McCain's service
• CREW Files Complaint About Sen. Norm Coleman's Cheap Rent
• Welcome, President Obama! Here, have a shovel – Fund manager wants Obama in charge, gives him advice on cleaning up the bushpile left behind
• Wounded Iraqi forces say they've been abandoned

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