• Wounded Iraqi forces say they've been abandoned
• Iran/Iraq & Nukes: Is it All Happening Again?
• Ralph Nader made news last week by accusing Barack Obama of "talking white." But all he really told us is that he's still trapped in the past…
• Dark Days for Venture Capitalists
• Killing the messenger: Broadcast networks falsely suggested that Wesley Clark criticized McCain's service
• Special Comment: Olbermann Challenges Obama to Do the Right Thing on FISA
• Wesley Clark Stands By McCain Criticism
• HJC Torture Hearings: Torture Advocate John Yoo Lied to Congress to Cast Aspersions on Philippe Sands' Credibility
• Critical Counterterror Op Is 'Makeshift'
• Fake Democrats: “Pro Clinton” PUMA Group Founded by 2000 McCain Contributor
• Why the Right Is Going After Clark
• The pundits, of course, rise to defend their friend, John McCain
• DOJ Cites Exec. Privilege; Rejects Clinton Precedent in Revealing Documents
• Obama Snubs Once-Powerful DLC
• McCain's new Truth Squad has former member of Swift Boat Veterans.
• DC-based Fundraising Firm Raises Campaign Cash… and Keeps a Lot of It
• US advised Iraqi ministry on oil deals
• Iraq occupation was understaffed, study

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