On Charles Krauthammer: He Makes Cheney Look Scrupulous!

Jeff Koopersmith looks how low the mighty "'Hammer" has fallen in his assault on Barack Obama.

June 30, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – What a shame to see the ghost of now elderly and disrespected Charles Krauthammer writing for a yellow rag like Human Events.

I'm talking about the same Krauthammer who won a Pulitzer Prize only 21 years ago.  Now look at him: a whore for the reactionary regressive right.

Human Events is a ragazine read by some of the dumbest pseudointellects on earth: Americans who call themselves "conservatives" because they think that if they ignore the tragedy of poverty, mostly their own, they will grow rich like other infamous Republicans.

Here's an example of reader naiveté: The Human Events web site has a scientifically worthless poll going which asks:

Should oil companies be forced to pay extra taxes when they make a profit? Yes or No?

The score thus far:   Yes (10 %)  No (90 %)

Does this tell you something about just how stupid American conservatives are?  They would rather die than tax the very oil companies that will end up killing their kids – companies that have made profits in excess of $100 billion over the past year or so, and brag about it.  They believe that their pensions – many of which are now 'conveniently' bankrupt – will pay them $100 billion too, if only they are loyal to America's cunning CEOs and continue their vileness aimed at the damn "Liberals."

That said, Krauthammer pens a laughable essay this week he titled "Obama's Long March"

Of course, his Human Events readers won't understand the meaning.  The 'Long March' was the true start of Mao's rise to power in China – but it was a retreat, and Mao lost 90% of his men during that period.  Yet the march was seen as such a heroic effort against the avarice of thieving Chinese leaders of the time that the Communist Party of China virtually lifted Mao onto its shoulders and made him a living God.

As i read on, I wondered whether Krauthammer was about to predict the same upcoming public adoration for Obama.

In a way he does, but he does it, as always using his vicious, backstabbing, and bitter methods spurred on by his vicious, backstabbing, and very bitter life.

He attacks Obama for speaking out against Bush's and Cheney's success at getting a free pass to wiretap your phones and to stop you from suing your telephone company for allowing it.

He assaults Obama for criticizing the North American Free Trade Agreement and then backing away because the Wal-Marts of this world put a gun to his head with cooperation from all the media.

He thrashes Obama for saying he would meet with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and then claims there would be the usual preparations for such a meeting by staff. 

Krauthammer is nothing but a high-dudgeon scold – he knows the damage Bush has done by refusing to meet with potential enemies, and he also know the successes when we do.

For a belly laugh: these three matters mark the beginning of Obama's "Long March," claims Krauthammer.

Mr. Krauthammer's insight is simply dazzling – in its ineptitude.  I suppose it might come from his column believing the Bible is the verbatim word of God, and therefore anything anyone else says is also verbatim truth and he or she must be held accountable for it.  There is no going back and no interpretation allowed of the Bible, or a "Federalist Society" reading of the American Constitution to the Neocons. 


Read it word for word. It's easier that way. Screw the speed at which the world is changing.  Whether 5,000 years ago, 2,000 years ago, or 250 years ago – God and the Founding Fathers had the grail. They were miraculous.

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