• Grover "I Shill for Islamists" Norquist channels david Duke: Obama is “John Kerry with a Tan”
• Their spider holes are wired by Comcast? FOX hosts outraged Al Qaeda might watch C-SPAN
• 30,000 troops heading to Iraq in 2009
• Barclays warns of a financial storm as US Federal Reserve's credibility crumbles
• Obama to visit Middle East, Europe
• LA Times goes into detail on White House's faith based initiative and alleged abuses to implement it
• Skippy: Mainstream media bites bloggerroo as he challenges their double standard
• Whistleblower: FISA heralds 'police state'
• Justice Department settles with Steven Hatfill, the former anthrax "person of interest"
• Pentagon: Taliban growing into a ‘resilient insurgency.'
• Federal Fraud Suit Against Hart InterCivic Dropped in Light of Adverse Ruling on Whistleblower Cases by Supreme Court
• Fed was worried about bailout credit consequences

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