• How the Supreme Court gun ruling affects campaign 2008: disincentivizes gun nuts, mobilizes progressives
• HJC Torture Hearings: Yoo and Addington defend "President-as-Tyrant " unitary executive
• Kucinich: We went to war for oil bigs
• Senate passes domestic spending, Webb GI Bill
• Ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter says Iran not pursuing nukes, but U.S. will attack before 2009
• Moonies Censor Scoobie Dais's GHW Bush-Holy Wine-"obedient to their will" YouTube Video
• This summer's trilogy of truth: Three must-read books put you inside the political and social stakes in 2008
• What Larry the Cable Guy is to stand-up comedy, Antonin Scalia is to legal scholarship
• UBM outs anti-Obama 'racist political witchcraft' – with ties, sadly, to Larry Johnson's No Quarter blog
• Oil hits $140 for first time
• House Judiciary Committee Gets Ready to Subpoena Mukasey
• Objections by Feingold delay FISA
• Another very rough day for the economy: Dow drops 358; Oil hits new high
• State Put AEY on Trafficking Watch List, Then Signed Contracts with Them!
• After Impeaching Clinton, McCain Now Dismisses Idea of Impeaching Bush: 'I Do Not Agree with It'
• Vote on FISA Delayed Until July

HJC Torture Hearings: Watch Yoo stonewall | –Addington won't talk about torture because "al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN" | HJC Torture Hearings Quote of the Day: Vice President Is a "Barnacle" on the Legislative Branch | –Addington Claims Vice President Isn't Part of Executive Branch, 'Attached' to Legislative | –Conyers Asks John Yoo If a President Could Order a Suspect Buried Alive – – Yoo Won't Say | –Wherein a Law Professor Gets All Confused by an SAT Word | –Marcy Wheeler's Drive-by transcript of the Addington-Yoo evasions | –Marcy Wheeler's Drive-by transcript of the Addington-Yoo evasions, part deux | –Addington Asks, "Unitary Government? Wha's That?" | –Yoo Says, "We Don't Make Claims of Infallibility"  | –Meet John Yoo's Lawyer, Miguel Estrada

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