• Michelle DeKonty, DOJ Official Who Took the Fifth and Refused to Testify, Fired
• Obama's Energy Independence Plan: a 21st Century Kennedy "Moon Shot" Opportunity
• Bush says he will lift sanctions against N. Korea
• White House Tried to Silence EPA on Car Emissions
• Religion and Its Role Are in Dispute at the Service Academies
• Obama aide David Plouffe shows press documents proving unlawful McCain campaign spending
• Army Denies Major Removed from Post for Blowing Whistle on Albania Cover-up
• Expert tells Olbermann: DOJ ‘goon squad' betrayed legal ideals
• Bush administration spent $500 million to found anti-American Arab TV station
• Propaganda TV Outlet Al Hurra Paid Former White House Aides, Washington Journalists
• Israel prodding US to attack Iran
• NY State GOP kingpin Joe Bruno asked FBI if quitting would end corruption probe targeting him
• Nuts About Obama: Meet the unhinged political dirty tricksters trying to bring down the Democratic candidate

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