• NY State GOP kingpin Joe Bruno asked FBI if quitting would end corruption probe targeting him
• Nuts About Obama: Meet the unhinged political dirty tricksters trying to bring down the Democratic candidate
• How New York City's Traffic Congestion Plan Collapsed
• Buying immunity: the top ten recipients of Telco money – from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint – include Hoyer, Rahm, and Pelosi
• Reid to co-sponsor effort to strip retroactive immunity from FISA bill
• Feingold: ‘Farce' wiretap deal could be hiding ‘impeachable offense'
• Fired U.S. Attorney Carol Lam Among Those Who Appealed DOJ's Hiring Decision
• DNC fundraising begins
• More: Dodd, Feingold, Wyden and Boxer to Oppose Cloture on FISA Bill
• NBC: U.S. Commanders in Afghanistan ‘Complained to Us' That They Lack Resources Because of Iraq
• Federalist Society membership was a de facto litmus test for being employed by Ashcroft-Gonzales era DoJ
• Army neglected problems with 22yo contractor before granding $300M contract
• Rep. Wexler: McCain “broke the law” on campaign finance
• More on OIG Probe of DoJ: Documentary evidence in personnel files at the US Department of Justice was destroyed
• IG Report Implicates Two Former DOJ Officials, Michel Elston and Esther McDonald, I Breaking Law on Ideological Selection of Program Candidates
• Wesley Clarke: Charlie Black Basically Invited Terrorists to Manipulate Our Politics, Come and Do It

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