• Government Study Criticizes Bush Administration's Measures of Progress in Iraq, Discovers There Is No Post-"Surge" Plan!
• The swing states of 2008
• Health Care Crisis Endangers Economy
• Campaign Finance Reform Has Failed
• Iraqi councilman shoots US soldiers
• Fundie pastors thumb nose at tax-exemption laws to endorse from the pulpit
• Crandall: Airline deregulation a failure
• Bush Administration Lacks Post-"Surge" Plan, Government Report Finds
• NY State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, Most Powerful Republican in State, to Step Down, Won't Seek Re-election; Under FBI Investigation;
• Judge to Congress: Why Litigate Subpoena Dodgers Miers and Bolten When You Can Arrest Them?
• Len Downie Resigns: Washington Post Executive Editor to Step Down in September
• Officer's CYA Memo: State Department Withheld Info from Congress
• Don Imus makes a racist comment, again
• Mitch McConnell's Senate Seat Now in Jeopardy
• Only on FARCE: Shelby Steele acknowledged he doesn't believe claim in subtitle of his own book on Obama
• White House Shoots Down Army's Effort to Increase Oversight of Defense Contractors
• Outrage as 'Haditha' Marines go free
• Toxic Profits: KBR, Sodium Dichromate And Tax Shelter Tap Dances
• As Americans suffer at the pump, energy industry basks in luxury
• Scalia, McCain and Yoo Push Discredited “Gitmo 30″ Talking Point

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