• Bush says Democrats are thwarting his giveaways to Big Oil energy plans
• Obama criticizes McCain on floods
• Corporate Espionage Detailed in Documents; Defunct MD Agency Targeted Activist Organizations
• Klan 2.0 Miffed: Hate Groups Make Obama Their Number One Target
• Inside a 9/11 Mastermind's Interrogation… and a Newly Exposed Secret Overseas US-controlled Prison
• McCain's Battle Against Boeing Exposes More Lobbyist Connections
• Plame and Wilson vow to press on with lawsuit
• McCain Hampered By Campaign Missteps
• FISA: Harry Reid: "will try to have a separate vote on immunity"
• US Asks to Keep Gitmo Evidence from Coming Under Civilian Court Scrutiny
• Kucinich: Major General Taguba's Comments Add Weight to articles of impeachment
• Impeachable? Scalia's Claim That Released Gitmo Prisoners Have Killed Americans Is An ‘Urban Legend'
• White House obstructs House investigative committee investigation into EPA standards
• White House Repeatedly Dismissed Sage Legal Advice on War "Detainees"

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