• FISA Overhaul Set to Clear Senate
• McClellan: I don't believe Bush knew about scheme to expose CIA NOC Valerie Plame Wilson
• Rep. Henry Waxman postpones contempt vote
• McClellan takes the stand, GOP Rep. King fumbles question
• In the aftermath of Tim Russert's death, the insider press corps rushed to display an integral part of their upside-down culture
• FISA Shame: Democrats Legalize Bush's Crimes
• McCain Campaign Aides Steered "Secret" Campaign for Telecom Immunity in 2007
• Payback: Color of Change and Blue America PAC run ad rightly blaming Steny Hoyer for FISA immunity sell-out
• J. Robert Flores Faces Criminal Investigation
• It's official: We live in a bipartisan surveillance state
• Scott McClellan Testimony, Abbreviated: Rove Is a Liar and Cheney an Oil-Hungry War-Monger
• EPA and OMB Give Oversight Committee Attitude
• Steny Hoyer FISA Ad to Run in Washington Post

More McClellan:

Former press secretary Scott McClellan's testimony about Plamegate is valuable, but only the press can uncover whether Bush and Cheney lied to investigators | Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) calls for impeachment at McClellan testimony | Rep. King to McClellan: "Could you not have kept your f$#@ing piehole shut, traitor taken some of this to the grave with you?" | McClellan: Bush should come clean about Plame leak. Lot of suspicion surrounding Cheney's involvement. | McClellan Testifies in House Judiciary, Republican Lamar Smith Attacks | Bushfluffer and fringe reactionary Lamar Smith compares McClellan to Judas, says "It's hard to take Mr. McClellan or this hearing too seriously" | McClellan: Don't pardon Scooter Libby

More FISA:

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) on FISA: ‘The American people deserve to know exactly what happened and they deserve to know who is accountable. This bill fails that test. | FISA Capitulation: They Were Only Following Orders | FISA bill – with immunity for criminal telecoms – passes the House | Hoyer's Bad Bill

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