• Many states turning to paper ballots for fall
• Votes May Come This Week on Latest FISA Deal, but Outcome Remains Unclear
• Biographer Kerwin Swint explains how news honcho Roger Ailes has pushed the country to the right for the past four decades
• McClellan testimony may shed light on Niger forgeries
• Laura Ingraham Barred from Radio Studio
• Obama's Economic Plan: Stimulate economy, make tax code fairer, lower taxes for small companies
• McCain's Secret, Questionable Record: Will We Ever Know the Truth About His Military Service?
• Warmongering with lies: FOX anchor, with help of John "Bondage Boy" Bolton, claims Iranian missile could possibly "hit some military installations" in the U.S. – even though they can't
• Bush sounds like Stalin, Goebbels, tinpot dictators: Critics of Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and rendition are ‘Slandering America'
• The biggest loophole in American politics

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