• Susan Lindauer gets the Soviet treatment
• Citing Policy Differences, Dozens of Republicans Refuse to Publicly Back McCain
• Obama Moves DNC Operations to Chicago
• Watch this! "I'm voting Republican"
• The Republic on a Knife's Edge: Why the Supremos Are a Top issue
• "A Disaster of Katrina-like Proportions" in Iowa
• Ron Paul damns McCain, praises Barr
• On biggest issues, McCain said he's been 'totally in agreement' with Bush
• FOX News: McCain lied to us
• Fox slammed for 'baby mama' smear of Michelle Obama
• Cafferty: Why won't Congress consider impeachment?
• VIDEO: Two straight days of GOP obstructionism
• Gas Prices Not High Enough for Some: Price-Fixing Cartel Caught in Quebec
• More fallout from NRCC embezzlement scandal
• Worse Than Fascists: Christian Political Group 'The Family' Openly Reveres Hitler
• Tweety Matthews's latest outbursts: he says Obama's running mate should be "[s]omeone who's palpably patriotic," calls women voters "low-hanging fruit"
• Army's PR Shop Spreading Partisan Attacks on Obama
• Bush, Cheney, and Rice sink to lowest ratings ever
• Obama scoffs at idea of future Bush role in Iraq

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