On Coulter: Ready for the Limo to the Funny Farm

Ultra-right-wing loudmouth-in-a-cocktail-dress Ann Coulter has flipped out. Jeff Koopersmith has the details.

June 12, 2008 – Geneva (apj.us) – It's really kind of sad when you go to the Human Events website and see how low they have to go to try to earn some money to support their Op-Ed band of hate-chimps who spew nothing but odium and BS into cyberspace.

Human Events’ pages reek of bogusness: ads for the "Pac-man" of heart pills, ads for hate-slogan t-shirts modeled by a very sleazy-looking "model," some ludicrous ad by "The Mortgage Minute Guy" who thinks the housing economy is a great deal. You don’t want to miss their ads for the "bigger discovery than insulin" book –  geared to gullible crowd to which Human Events so obviously panders, of course.

They know their audience: idiots. They offer dimwitted tomes by the A League of pundit poseurs: Ann Coulter, Michelle Maglalang Malkin, Dennis Prager, Patrick Buchanan, and more. The roster is a veritable Who's Who of Has-beens.

This week, Ann Coulter is trying to convince you that George Bush is a great president – and expressing shock that other people don't realize it!

The column reads more like a psychotic break with reality than an argument supporting her assertion.

First, she calls Bush’s greatness "manifestly obvious." One cannot help but double over with laughter at the statement.  Does she in fact think we will believe even she is so stupid?

Right now Mr. Bush is in Europe. He is not there to "say goodbye," as the media is telling you, but to set the stage for an attack on Iran, and perhaps worse.  Yesterday the Iraqi's told their “beloved” Bush where to go (hint: it wasn't the Green Zone), and to get our of their country post haste.

In every capital Bush has visited he has been scoffed at, as he will be in every European capitol he has yet to visit. he is facing huge public protest demonstrations, and is being openly laughed at while our American flag – once revered in Europe – is burned in the streets.

Nixon was better loved.  Saddam was better loved.

That is what the "great" President Bush has given you, Ann. Worry that he might be spit on in Rome.

Coulter attributes President Bush's "greatness" to the lack of further attacks by ragtag psycho so-called "Islamic" terrorists. She doesn't realize that the attacks of September 11th, 2001 – horrible as they were – were just a auspiciously lucky break for the insanity called Al Qaeda. It wouldn't have happened at all had Bush and his then-National Security Misadvisor Condi "Dr. Dilettante" Rice taken the early warnings they had about such impending attacks from richard Clarke and others seriously.  You’ve all seen the film of Osama bin Laden chuckling about how dumb this President was and is.  It is a disgrace, and Bush is a disgrace for allowing himself to be used by people like Dick Cheney and his PNAC harem, including such luminaries as Richard Perle, David Addington, Douglas Feith, and John Bolton.

Ms. Coulter asks us to produce one person who didn't believe there were be no further attacks for the past seven years since september 11th, 2001  Well, I am not one of the those people, but I also knew that attack would allow Bush to pay off his corporate friends with the biggest jobs program in history: the 1984-style goal of protecting America from "Islamuel Goldstein," an unidentified enemy that will never cease to exist.  I just finished reading Bob Scheer's book, "The Pornography of Power," which details the unfathomable wealth Bush and Cheney created for their friends in what then-president Eisenhower called the "military industrial complex," which remains robust nearly half a century after Ike warned America about it – and is richer than ever.

Read it. You'll be amazed at terrified.

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