• As Dennis Kucinich presses impeachment, major media ignores his daring
• Cheney called Clinton-era sanctions against Iran bad for Halliburton
• $23 billion of taxpayer money gone and there is a gag order
• OPEC Chief: "There Is No Shortage of Oil"
• A group of actual terrorists is arrested as they prepare to strike in the American heartland … but where's the media?
• Nev gov Gibbons sends 100s txt msgs 2 oth wmns cell, not wifes
• Right Wing Terror Watch: Meet Bradley T. Kahle of PA
• BBC Investigation Estimates $23 Billion in Iraq Lost, Stolen, Or Unaccounted For
• FBI General Counsel: Waterboarding Is ‘Clearly Not Permissible in the United States'
• Ex-colonel pleads guilty to ‘fixing' Iraq contract
• How the media has covered (up) Kucinich's heroic act
• FBI raids office of NY State ex-GOP chairman Bill "Powers-that-be" Powers

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