Memo to Press: Get Over Yourselves!

Our friends at Raw Story report:

Reporters traveling with Barack Obama were none to happy to find out he was meeting with Hillary Clinton last night, as they were about to take off in a candidate-less plane from Washington’s Dulles airport.

Clutch your pearls! Scramble for the fainting couch! And don't forget to call the waaaahmbulance! As Bill Maher is wont to say, "Get over yourselves!"

The traveling press pool spent at least five minutes grilling Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs about the meeting, and the campaign’s unwillingness to send at least a reporter or two along with Sen. Obama.

I'll concede the fact that Obama took a private and unscheduled meeting with Clinton is newsworthy – but maybe, just maybe, the press should have asked questions about the substance of meeting and its relation to the launch of the de facto presidential campaign instead of, say, showing how out of joint their collective noses are after being left in the dark.

It's funny how whiny they are about the presumptive Presidential candidate doing something behind their back – and how deferential their White House counterparts seem whenever George Bush Jr. does something similar.

This has been today's edition of IOKIYAR.

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