Hillary Clinton to Suspend Campaign, Endorse Barack Obama Saturday

BREAKING on NY Times, AP, ABC, WNBC4 New York. MSNBC (mercifully) broke into the 7pm EST repeat of The Tweety Show to report the story in detail: David Gregory was anchoring, with boobleheads Michael Smirkonish and Andrea Mitchell Greenspan adding color commentary (the former, a Philly-based conservative radio host, sounding uncharacteristically impressed by Obama, the latter sounding her usual Neocon self). Lanny Davis called in and tried his best to claim Clinton had had "leverage" (yeah, right – tell that to Clinton superdelegate Charlie Rangel, who sounded miffed at the senator a few hours ago on MSNBC), that Clinton and her supporters "needed several days" to "rest [and] think things over," and plugged the Web site voteboth.com.

UPDATE: Hil moves public endorsement from Friday to Saturday, will host private confab for staffers, supporters friday to thank them for their support.

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