• Report: Most uncommitted senators to endorse Obama by Wednesday; Reid to stay officially uncommitted until Clinton withdraws
• Big Tobacco and the war on science
• John McCain's six-month flip-flop on spying and executive power
• Why the Republicans are sweating: Obama's field operation is rolling already
• FEMA Draft Plan: Formaldehyde-contaminated Trailers May Be Used in New Disaster
• McCain's Lobbyist Campaign Co-Chair Phil Gramm Helped Osama bin Laden
• Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) hospitalized
• Cheney Makes Incest Joke About West Virginians
• Scott McClellan's Book Is Vindication for the Bush Critique
• McClellan Responds to Attacks: Critics ‘Trying to Shift the Focus' Away from the Book's ‘Key Themes'
• Presidential Forecast: the Eight Decisive States

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