Game Day: Democratic Playoffs Conclude in MT, SD

9:00pm EST: NBC reports Obama has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. MSNBC cut off some crabby old geezer's nattering speech to break the news (CNN did the same thing)>

2:15pm EST: AP has already called the Democratic nomination race for Obama.

Cue the primary season fat lady. We'll have more to say tonight. Stack o'headlines below the fold…

• McCain advisor/lobbyist Phil Gramm pushed Death Bonds: “[T]he most macabre investment scheme[s] ever devised by Wall Street” known as “death bonds”
• Waxman Closing in on Dick Cheney for Outing Valerie Wilson
• Report: Clinton to acknowledge Obama has enough delegates to clinch nomination

• McCain's corrupt, terrorist-coddling crony Phil Gramm: Exposed!
• Poll: House Dems Headed for Massive Victory This Fall
• John "Flip-flop" McCain is to try to pretend claim he's the change candidate

IA-03, NJ-Sen, Montana and South Dakota: What's at Stake Tonight | Clinton Campaign's Message Discipline Becomes Message Anarchy | Hillary Wants the VP Slot | Senators Failed to Reach Endorsement Decision; Privately Discussed Joint Ticket | McAuliffe: If Obama Gets Magic Number, Hillary Will Concede | Hillary Campaign: She Will Not Concede Tonight | Giuliani's team [of losers] tapped for key RNC job 

A Tale of Two Pastors | The Human Rights Campaign Releases a Blistering Critique of John McCain | McCain wants to gut FISA of justice for lawbreaking telecoms 

Veepstakes: Edwards Wins on the Road 

Obama Gets 10 Edwards Delegates | 5:00pm EST: 12 superdelegates for Obama so far today | Five supers tonight for the winner of Montana

Obama to Host DNC Fundraiser Tomorrow Night

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